CQG: Simplifying Trading

CQG: Simplifying Trading

CIO VendorRyan Moroney, President
Today’s trading institutions carry out bonds, swaps, and other fixed-income transactions at the global level, requiring them to not only possess deep knowledge of the global market but also execute the right tradeoffs swiftly, to yield the maximum benefits. However, traders largely depend on various spreadsheets and proprietary tools in an offline environment to discern the dollar duration of their investments, which is a time-consuming and inefficient practice. CQG, with over three decades of experience in producing innovative charting tools and analytical studies, is set to address these impediments. The company brings all the investment evaluations to the single interface and leverages the data to achieve proper calculations based on several key factors. “We correct the values of the investments based on commercial factors and risk equivalents to simplify the way Fixed Income traders see and access multiple markets,” remarks Ryan Moroney, President, CQG.

The company offers global market data, advanced technical analysis tools, and powerful trade routing to fixed income traders worldwide. CQG Integrated Client, the flagship product, offers innovative trading interfaces with global market data, data analytics and visualization, and advanced order routing solutions, all on a single platform. CQG Q Trader, a robust product, offers streamlined interfaces for data analytics, charting and multiple trade execution capabilities, making it a great tool for traders. CQG Desktop, a flexible web-based application enables traders to execute trades and access analytics, in a highly customizable new format. CQG Mobile offers access to your CQG account anytime, anywhere. CQG’s Web and FIX API’s offer the ultimate in customization, with multi-asset access to market data and trading on over 45 exchanges around the world.

We enable traders to trade multiple markets and also identify opportunities to arbitrate between those markets

CQG built its legacy on the ability to communicate market activity clearly and efficiently. Its core technology solutions have become the standards for the financial industry. The global market data CQG provides is not only accurate and qualitative but gives access to more than 75 market exchanges. “We enable traders to trade multiple markets and identify opportunities to arbitrate between those markets,” remarks Moroney. The analytics and data visualization solutions are offered by leveraging extensive historical data and can be auto-executed using alerts based on price levels, trend lines, conditions, and time. Lastly, CQG's trade routing solutions are delivered through the most robust connections possible to ensure the secure transmission of trading data. “Whether the trader is executing a bond contract, or comparing data for two different markets, our solutions make that possible in real-time.”

What makes these solutions so effective is CQG’s zealous commitment to its clients. CQG does not merely offer products; it first enters into a trusted partnership with clients to understand their specific requirements and pain points. “As it is the ’client’ who understands their market the best, we work alongside them in designing our solutions,” remarks Moroney. This starts the conversational relation process, where CQG continuously delivers and develops solutions based on the feedback from its clients. CQG’s trading solutions just do not stop here; they also provide its clients with the power to test and optimize their strategies before execution. The solutions give them the ability to analyze their past trading activities before carrying out a specific trade.

The success of such impressive solutions can be largely attributed to CQG’s dynamic work culture. It is composed of highly committed members who are driven to solve the problems of traders. "It is our overarching commitment to solutions that make our customers trust us,” concludes Moroney